Entrepreneur Rising

I believe everyone deserves this utopia I am pursuing and it’s entrepreneurs who have the highest chance of creating it for themselves, their families and their communities. We put ourselves out there to be criticized, we risk money time and effort; it’s our vision and passion that makes the world richer and more meaningful for others. Like most things that last, passion is is at the core and my passion to start entrepreneur rising had everything to do with helping people navigate through the life and business questions that keep abnormal sleepers like me up more than usual. All this became crystal clear as I started coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and organizations.

What came into focus for me most was that my past struggles were in many cases, the same things they were struggling with; the differing product or the industry had almost no bearing on the similarities I encountered and “BAM” as Emeril would say, ENTREPENEUR RISING was born.

The framework for which I built the Entrepreneurial Rising workshops follow five primary business leadership priorities:

  1. Conscious Self Leadership
  2. Platinum People Leadership
  3. Sales & Marketing Leadership
  4. Diligent Operational Leadership
  5. Profitable Financial Leadership

Each course consists of relevant topics for the new or experienced entrepreneur, and all participants will receive a customized course binder along with all course content. Peer to peer learning will color each session and throughout all 5 workshops, special guest speakers ranging from successful sports coaches to entrepreneurs whose vision and brand have circled the globe.





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