Strategic quitting?

Leadership is easy, getting there is not.

Lots of things distract getting there but the one that is most responsible for making the journey longer and harder has to do with quitting.

I love how Seth Godin, in his book The Dip boldly stated that the old ism, winners never quit and quitters never win is actually wrong.  Some things are worth strategically quitting if you really stop to think about it.

Here is a very interesting thought that I’ve encountered in various leadership discussions, which have the wrapping of a business issue, but in truth is a personal leadership issue.

Being sick and tired of being sick and tired of a situation and quitting may be helpful, but it may lead to deeper more pervasive life challenges, the kind that stay with you when you change jobs, start new companies, even enter into new relationships.

There is a great quote by C.K. Chesterson, which I’ve returned to hundreds of times to work through my own drama as well as helping others work through theirs.  And by drama, I’m not being sarcastic or condescending because at the time we are spinning about in our minds, it’s as real as water is wet.  The quote is simple.  “It’s not that we can’t see the solution, it’s that we can’t see the problem.”

We often quit the external thing we are doing (the job, business, relationship) when in fact the thing itself was not the real problem.  All it may need is a few tweaks here and few others there with our hands comfortably on the dials that only our hands can be on.  Not because others won’t want to, but because others can’t do what only we can.

What if and just play with me for a minute- but what if the thing that we are quitting is the wrong thing all together.  What if the thing that really needs to be quit is the mindscape we posses, which hold tightly some outdated beliefs and stories that are the real problem.  What if it’s not the game we are playing that needs quitting, but what we are bringing to the game that no longer works as it did in our past.

Doing this of course means we would need be proactive and strategic with what we chose to quit and not on reactive autopilot which most of the world operates from?  It also means we would have to reflect deeper and longer holding some mystery for the idea that maybe it’s us, a contemplative exercise not for those more interested in fiction than non-fiction.

I’m only asking mind you, and I told you it would only be a minute.


About Louis DeAngelo Jr.

My vision, mission and passion… the thing that drives my enthusiasm with entrepreneur rising is to increase the total tonnage of happiness, significance and wealth for those in my community.
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