Trust what trust can do for you

Leadership could not exist if there were no relationships and relationship health is wholly determined by the quality of trust within the relationship.  Agreed?

If so, then you’ll likely agree with the statement that leadership is not really leadership if there is no, or low quality trust.  On a good day you could loosely refer to such a dynamic as low-grade management, but that’s on a good day and I honestly can’t imagine a good day in a relationship where there is no genuine trust.

Trust between people is the foundation for which future possibility grows.  Possibility for more business, deeper relationships, even more purpose and happiness when you consider that relationships are the primary place people go to feel and experience deeper meaning in and for their lives.

As with anything worth risking there are no short cuts and certainly no guarantees and so this business of building a genuine foundation of trust becomes as necessary for flourishing relationships as oxygen is to breathe.

Stephen Covey introduced the analogy of the emotional trust account comparing it to a bank account in that if you made consistent positive deposits prior to a minor withdraw, it would not be left overdrawn with a negative balance.

Suffice to say that a leaders most important priority when it comes to relationships is improving the quality trust between them and their people.  An interesting if not obvious residual results because improved trust leads to an increase in task performance (doing their job) and decrease possible deviance (not doing their job).  

Creating the condition for people to do their whole job the right way is every leaders responsibility.  People who believe they are trusted are willing to reciprocate with trust which creates feelings of meaning, happiness and loyalty which leads to feelings of success.  People who feel successful will look harder and seek out those opportunities to make significant positive deposits into your brand by investing in customer relationships which in turn reciprocate with loyalty.


About Louis DeAngelo Jr.

My vision, mission and passion… the thing that drives my enthusiasm with entrepreneur rising is to increase the total tonnage of happiness, significance and wealth for those in my community.
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