Leadership Is Messy

A frustrating truth about leadership is that it’s not just about one skill or quality, it’s about a bakers dozen of them. Aware of this fact or not, we are driven by an unconscious Ferrari V-12 engine that simply wants all things to be efficient, and all that is based on how we as sovereign individuals think the world should be. More specifically – how people should be.

Could it be that your individual construct of how the world, and people should be was arrived at with an underlying tone of efficiency? What we crave most is to have one or two efficiently-wrapped “-isms” or absolutes, that if applied to most of our challenges, would get us out of the messiness someone else put us in. This is what I’ve referred to as “high octane, inner-ficiency,” which is very expensive and not all that effective in the long run.

If we have a craving that only a few bites of chocolate mousse cake will satisfy, how effective will a few bites of a double bacon cheeseburger really be? Both options are delicious, but only one decision will truly satisfy your inner-most appetite.

Most often, things need to be messy and un-tidy (inefficient) before they can be neat, right or free of clutter (effective). The question really comes down to how you choose to view the messiness. It’s in the messiness that we learn; but if that auto-responder that runs the show for most of us is so focused on efficiently cleaning up the mess, we lose the lesson all in the name of being neat and tidy – nice and easy.

So then the question becomes, “if we lose the lesson, what have we really won?”

Oh, and if you think this is about a messy office, closet or car, efficiency beat your ass once again.


About Louis DeAngelo Jr.

My vision, mission and passion… the thing that drives my enthusiasm with entrepreneur rising is to increase the total tonnage of happiness, significance and wealth for those in my community.
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