Client Email #1 – Stretching Within

"you have one, admit it or not"

9/01/11  To: Anonymous   From: DeAngelo

…So after our last meeting, I understand where you are, if for no other reason, I’ve been there, and helped others get through there. Never easy and not always fun, but necessary when you consider that WE are the only ones that can do the real work of our lives.  

Stopping to consider this, you slowly realize why so many others struggle with true happiness. To the degree we push through the real work of our lives is to the degree that we experience and become one with happiness as we define it, not as the world or others define it for us.


About Louis DeAngelo Jr.

My vision, mission and passion… the thing that drives my enthusiasm with entrepreneur rising is to increase the total tonnage of happiness, significance and wealth for those in my community.
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